Chef Louis in National Culinary Review

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One naturally thinks of the kitchen as a chef’s domain, but what about the bar?  Ebell Executive Chef Louis Pechan brings his talent for crafting flavor and nuance to the spirited beverage side of events as well, developing his own vermouth, bitters and other tinctures.  Chef Louis was recently interviewed by National Culinary Review for an article on the resurgence of vermouth and discussed his approach to the house-made vermouth he crafted at the Ebell.

While you read the full article here, why not sip on the drink featured in the title photo: a classic Negroni: 

negroni recipe

Happy Anniversary, Miko and Don

“We found love right where we are.” Happy anniversary, Miko and Don. May you always be as happy as the day you fell in love. Best wishes from your Ebell family and cheers to many more anniversaries..

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Chef Ron’s Valentine Dinner Menu

What could be better than cooking a beautiful meal for your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day? Chef Ron is sharing his menu for his sumptuous Grilled Lamb Chops with Charred Radicchio and Oregano Chimichurri Sauce. This dish was recently served at …

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Ebell Scholar, now Member and Club Photographer, Julie Hopkins

I believe that when we focus on building strength from acquired experiences, we often live a very fulfilling life no matter how different our final goal is from that which we originally perceived it should be.  – Julie Hopkins Every …

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