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Sunday, October 29, 2017

7 PM

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Formed of the three most established ballet schools in Russia, The Russian Grand Ballet comprises the country’s biggest rising ballet stars. Now touring the world, they are performing the most famous ballet of all; Swan Lake. This enchanting work, choreographed by Marius Petipa and composed by Tchaikovsky, this supernatural epic includes the perennial audience favorite, Danse des petits cygnes with the entire corps de ballet.

The dashing but dissatisfied Prince Siegfried is urged by his mother to marry urgently to secure his throne, demanding that he chooses a bride at a royal ball the following night. Angered, he goes hunting in the forest with his friends. After becoming separated from them, he marks a swan for shooting; he is amazed when she transforms into a beautiful maiden, clad in white, along with the other swans on the lake.

Gaining her trust, he falls in love with her and learns that she is under a terrible curse by the sorceror Von Rothbart, to remain a swan by day, but human by night, unless a virgin prince falls in love with her. Overjoyed, he heads to the ball, determined to tell his mother that he has met the love of his life; however, a mysterious woman in black, who looks remarkably like his Odette appears, and seduces him with her sultry and confident dancing. Realizing at the last moment that she is a familiar of the sorcerer, he becomes determined to rescue Odette and her clan, but will he be able to foil the curse?

Full of magic, enchanting dancing and romance, this is a perfect ballet for new ballet audiences, as well as for seasoned fans of the form.