Rental information

What is the maximum amount of people you can accommodate?

Wilshire Ebell Theatre
Orchestra  887
Loge  168
Balcony  215

What comes with theatre rental?

Use of the theatre and stage for the contracted times and dates including: a two-man stage crew to assist your production crew, ushers and doormen to assist your guests, limited rehearsal and setup time, promotional listing on The Wilshire Ebell Theatre online calendar and outgoing voicemail message, and posting of your theatrical promotional materials within the poster cases on the Wilshire Ebell Theatre property. Additional services and elements are available; please call for pricing.

Are the theatre light and sound systems included with rental?

Yes, the house lighting system and basic PA house audio system are included with the price of rental. You are welcome to bring in your own equipment as well.

Are you a union house?

No, the Wilshire Ebell Theatre is a non-union house. We do provide a 2-man stage crew with every production to familiarize your crew with our building.

Does the Wilshire Ebell Theatre offer special rates for non-profit organizations?

The vast majority of groups that rent the theatre are non-profit entities. We have adjusted the rental rates accordingly and, as such, do not offer a non-profit discount.

If my group is renting the theatre for a production, are we able to handle our own ticket sales?

We allow you to be in complete control of your tickets and, thus, you would absolutely be able to handle your own ticket sales. We do offer Box Office Ticket Sales Service at the theatre box office window, billed to you at a rate of $2 per ticket that we sell, plus 3% of all credit card charges. This service is available both for pre-sales as well as walk-up sales on the day of the Event. Tickets are sold on a walk-up basis at the theatre box office window only. Box office hours are Monday through Friday from 10am to 4:30pm.

Will concessions be provided to our theatre patrons?

Yes, the Wilshire Ebell Theatre provides concession services for all events. A variety of snacks are available, along with coffee, tea, bottled water and soft drinks. No liquor, beer or wine may be served at the theatre.

Is there on-site parking at the Wilshire Ebell Theatre?

There is limited parking available to theatre patrons in the lots adjacent to the theatre building. The charge for parking during an event is $5 per car. Ebell parking lots are shared with attendees of the Ebell of Los Angeles clubhouse events.

Is there space at the theatre to hold a reception?

Unfortunately, there is no reception space in the theatre itself. However, the Ebell of Los Angeles clubhouse facilities next door can accommodate any number of possibilities for pre and post-show receptions, with on-site catering and a selection of event spaces available.

What is required when placing a courtesy tentative hold on the theatre calendar?

We can place a courtesy hold on a date while the contract is being negotiated. With a courtesy hold, you would have first right of refusal for rental of that date. If an inquiry is made for a date with a courtesy hold in place, we will call the holding party so that they can either book the date or release the hold. Tentative courtesy holds expire after 14 days without notice, unless a request to continue holding the date is granted to the holding party.

What is a security deposit and how does it work?

A rental deposit of $2,000 per day is required in order to secure rental of a date on the theatre calendar. The deposit is non-refundable, non-transferable, and is the first payment toward the total amount of the contract, the balance of which comes due 30 days before your event.

A refundable security deposit is built in to the total rental amount collected with every contract. This amount is kept until after the performance, in the event that additional charges arise in conjunction with your event, such as performance overtime charges or charges for damages. Following the Event, any of the remaining refundable security deposit and any box office receipts will be returned in the form of a check within 10-14 days.

Does the Ebell require liability insurance?

Yes. The Wilshire Ebell Theatre requires renters to secure a standard two million dollar policy of liability insurance for all events held at the theatre. A certificate proving this coverage and listing WILSHIRE EBELL THEATRE and THE EBELL OF LOS ANGELES as additional insured must be provided to theatre management at least 30 days prior to the Event.

If we decide to cancel our performance after having submitted deposits and signed contracts, will we receive a refund?

All rental monies paid are non-refundable and non-transferable.

What is the correct address and phone number to use in our promotional materials?

4401 W. 8th Street, Los Angeles, California 90005. Telephone: (323) 939-1128.

I have a project in mind and am wondering if you will partner with me to produce and promote my project.

The Wilshire Ebell Theatre is strictly a rental facility. While we are happy to list your event on our website calendar and outgoing voicemail system as well as post your promotional materials in the poster display cases and postcard boxes, we do not participate in producing or promoting events.

When can I make an appointment to see the facility?

The Wilshire Ebell Theatre is a private venue and an appointment is required for a walk-through. Appointments are available Monday through Friday from 10am to 5pm. Please call or email to schedule an appointment.